In 1992, Totti Lee’s father established his small workshop for making basic adapters for amateurs from Japan and China. During that period, he designed and manufactured crafted accessories for telescope and camera .He won the great reputation in the astronomical field, and received many orders beyond his ability to fulfill them on time. 
      So in 2000, he started to expand his business into astronomical photography, Mount and other Field. However, at that time he only focus on the designing and manufacturing the products instead of promoting his brand...

      Gosky is one of the most popular brand in the online hunting optics      market in Europe and America. After the operation of the company in recent  years, gosky has achieved certain success online.
      Now, our company will expand offline wholesale business, began to  recruit agents, if you have good offline or offline sales channels, and want  to increase product variety, our company can provide brand authorization  and products wholesale...

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